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If you need dog treats for Christmas, please email us directly.

Hi fellow dog owners. We make a line of fresh raw dehydrated treats for dogs. Great for training and for just rewarding them for being your best pal! I dehydrate fresh in small batches. Using only the freshest local human grade, government inspected beef, lamb and chicken.

Seeing as the holidays are coming up, I am putting it out there to you all for ordering before the Christmas rush.

Dehydrated Beef Lung Bites (pre-cut into squares then dehydrated for easy rewarding) Dogs LOVE these, and humans love how easy they are to use for training (they also float, so they make for a great game of bobbing for beef lung!)

Dehydrated Beef Lung Slices (large slices of dehydrated beef lung that you can give your dog like jerky OR break up as you need the reward.)

Chicken Jerky Strips – fresh sliced chicken breast you can give whole as snack or break up and feed as smaller treats.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Twists – Sweet potato sticks wrapped in fresh sliced chicken breast, and then dehydrated. Special Order Only.

Dehydrated Lamb Lung slices – fresh lamb sliced and dehydrated. Special Order Only.

Pricing is as follows:

Beef Lung Bites come in three sizes
80g Bag = $10
175g Bag = $20
275g Bag = $30

Beef Lung Slices come in one size
175g Bag = $20

Lamb Lung Slices – Special Order Only (I don’t carry it in stock. I make it only once it is ordered as the supply of lamb lung is not as plentiful as it once was and is considerably more expensive to buy fresh.)
Comes in one size:
175g Bag = $30

Chicken Jerky Strips come in one size
325g Bag = $35

Chicken & Sweet Potato Twists are Special Order Only Comes in one size:
200g Bag = $35

It’s easy to order, just message me what you’d like, and I will confirm total and you send an e-transfer or arrange for a credit card payment (which I can take/invoice you so you can pay credit card online – a small processing fee applies for credit card orders). I will arrange for drop-off within a couple weeks of ordering. I delivery within the GTA and ship outside the GTA. Message me for details.

Ordering Deadline for Christmas Delivery: December 4th at 5pm.

Feel free to share with friends who you know have dogs in the GTA. I’m happy to deliver!