Smidgin and Olive learn to play "Keep Away" with the ball!

Play Dates

Smidgin and Olive’s adventuring didn’t start right away. They were a bit young and still needed some basic training to ensure they would come when called and behave themselves while out and about. So, while training was ongoing, the girls often had play dates together, where they refined their wrestling, tug, and sharing skills. In…

Smidgin - just hours old

Smidgin’s Beginnings

Smidgin (and Olive) was born on August 24, 2011. In a litter of 7 pups is hard being the runt! [anything_slider title=”Smidgin in Her First Few Months” column=”full-width” autoslide=”7000″ slider_id=”193″/]   When I ran into Molly on the street while taking my other dog, Impulse out for a walk on a cold October evening, I…