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Our Smidgie Snacks – Dehydrated Lamb Liver drives dogs crazy! Liver is a wonderfully protein rich organ, and dogs LOVE it. Dehydrating it makes for firm treats that you can give as a whole or snap into training sized treats.

The dehydrated lamb is pure, natural, organically raised lamb, from Belanger Organic Farms, in Hillsdale Ontario. It is dehydrated fresh, and the results are a great textured treat you can throw in your pocket and simply snap off bite size treats – suitable to the size of your dog – as reward. The treats are light and will not crumble in your pocket!

We make Smidgie Snacks – Dehydrated Lamb Liver at least once a week, so you always get fresh treats. Each package is heat sealed, and contains a desiccant packet to control the moisture inside the package. Dehydration allows our treats to have a shelf life between 6 months to 1 year, no refrigeration is required. We KNOW they won’t last that long…your dog will make sure of that! Refrigeration is discouraged – it created moisture inside the packaging, which you don’t want.

Available in 3 sizes: 75 grams, 120 grams and 200 grams

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All our Smidgie Snacks, first, have been quality tested by Smidgin. She approves. As do all her doggie pals!

Belanger Organic FarmsSecond, they are homemade and dehydrated fresh with the finest organically fed and raised lamb from Belanger Organic Farms in Hillsdale, Ontario. All their livestock is fed certified organic barley, oats and peas and are free to graze. Pesticides are never used in the fields that grow the feed crops and their livestock for consumption is always antibiotic-free.

Our dehydrated treats are made from human-grade, government inspected meat. 100% Canadian. Fresh from Ontario. Natural. Organically Raised. No more worrying about the safety of your dog’s treats!

Lamb is a great protein source for your furry family member, and is suitable for all dogs, of all sizes.

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