The Original Tuff Tug – Furry is our (as the name say) Original Tug made, and it uses FIVE (5) wider strands of fleece wider than The Tiny Tuff Tug, plus TWO (2) strands of dt_[highlight color=””]GENUINE FUR[/dt_highlight], woven into one half of the Tuff Tug.

The Original Tuff Tug comes in an assortment of colours, and in two lengths and are approximately 1.25″ in diameter:

  • Full length, at approximately 20-22″

All Tuff Tugs, including The Original Tuff Tug Furry can be made with a ball and customized using your choice of colours, an extra charge will be incurred for adding balls etc.

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Ball Add-On

Use the selection below to add a JW Ho-Lee Roller Ball to your Tuff Tug! Added fun and excitement for your dog!


The lengths of our Tuff Tugs may vary.

Each fleece is different, and due to the variance in stretchiness of each strand of fleece used – not all fleece has the same stretch and therefore, the length will range.

Length measurement is of woven section, not including fringes.

If you select CUSTOM from the options, please make sure you provide us with the colours you want to use, in the message area upon checkout. There is a slight charge for custom Tuff Tugs.

Each strand can be a separate colour, or two of one colour and two of a second colour. The combinations are endless. You can pick from our theme family of colour options or simply give us an idea of colour preference and we can create a tug just for you.

This means you simply let us choose a Tuff Tug colour theme and design for you. It’ll be a surprise, but a choice from our most popular colour combinations.

If you let us know if your dog is a female or male, we would select a Tuff Tug from our in stock inventory that would be appropriate.

Our Furry Tuff Tugs are made with only GENUINE FUR. You can choose from any of the four furs we offer in or Furry Tuff Tugs.
  • Rabbit Fur
  • Lambskin Shearling
  • Sheepskin
  • Indian Lamb
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Tuff Tuff Colour Information

View a complete list of available colours and see swatch samples!

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