So, What is Smidgin & Company?

Smidgin and Company came about because I wanted to have treats for my dogs that I could trust. So many treat companies and dog food companies had been duping the public into buying dog treats that were either all filler, or really unhealthy for their dogs.

Originally it was just Smidgin, our 10 pound mini-schnauzer who was the CDO (Chief Dog Officer) then we brought MilliGram (our rescued poodle chihuahua mix) into the family as a puppy and she became the “and Company” part of this small business. Now Smidgin and MilliGram co-chair the Quality Assurance Committee and assist with marketing.

I began dehydrating my own treats because I wanted top quality and better pricing. I fed raw at the time, and I also wanted to make sure that all my dehydrated treats met raw-diet compliance. I started with simple beef lung and lamb lung sliced, and dehydrated at a low temperature for many hours to preserve the nutrients and meet raw standards. They LOVED it. So did all their training buddies and sport dog friends. I modified the product to be “bites” when I thought “it must be easier to have the lung all broken down ready to train with instead of big awkward slices.” The beef lung and lamb lung “bites” format was born and took off. Trainers love it, dogs love it, owners love it.

Providing high quality, human-grade dog treats and chews became a priority as both Smidgin and Milligram are sporting dogs, and Milligram in particular does lure coursing and agility and I wanted to make sure they were trained using healthy, protein-packed, human-grade meat. MilliGram is “powered by Smidgie Snacks” and ran 35 kph at her last Sprinters event, and finished 3rd place in her height class. Smidgin excels in Scent Detection and Rally-O and can smell her Smidgie Snacks from a mile away! She also does agility and loves the lamb and beef lung bites as her reward at the end of the course. Or if we are working on harder obstacles like the weave poles we enlist the help of Smidgie Snacks to motivate and reward…she thinks she’s hit the jackpot!

We offer Milli Mixes along with our Smidgie Snacks, and those are just mixes of the different meats – all in one bag! Beef and Lamb Lung together for example is a Milli Mixes product. We have a following for it, since our clients like only having to carry one bag to give the dog both lamb and beef, and the dogs like the variety as they train – treats that employ the element of surprise!

Milligram was a fearful puppy and I also needed some chews to help her through crate training and settling on her mat, and provide distraction with also providing reward for quiet, calm behaviour. We began looking for healthy options for chews and went with fresh beef pizzles to dehydrate. Another hit! Unlike many mass-produced pizzles, ours do NOT stink and because they are human-grade they are trimmed well, and thinner than some, but that means they are young beef and super-lean. While some clients want a “long-lasting chew” I always say it depends on the dog as to longevity. But I also know that if a pizzle is 1” or more around AFTER dehydration, it was huge to start, and that only means old steers were used, likely not human-grade.

Our wonderful meat supplier suggested beef backstrap as a possible chew, as well as Achilles tendons, which could be sourced locally and human-grade. 

We added those to our product line up, especially after Smidgie “sniffed” out the bin of backstrap and woofed beside it because she was demanding one to test! She fell in love with both the tendon and the backstrap. The girls chew their chews in separate rooms, because MilliGram loves them so much she will steal Smidgin’s right out from under her nose. They approve!

Like most dogs, Smidgin and MilliGram love variety in their treats especially when training or being given treats for settling on their mats, or when we leave. So I began sourcing alternative meat sources for small bite-sized treats.  I began by dehydrating chicken hearts and then at thanksgiving did some turkey hearts, and they got rave reviews (demand barking for more). My girls also fell in love with a new supplier’s meat, King Cole Ducks. And subsequently added to our product line, to include King Cole Duck – hearts, gizzards and tongues. 

We continue to add products that fall within our quality guidelines – locally raised, human-grade, government inspected, no preservatives. When we can not source a product locally, in Ontario, we only source from Canadian pastures, often from Alberta for things like beef pizzles. We always let you know if the batch is local or from Alberta. But always, always, always 100% Canadian grown and raised meats.

We will continue to bring top quality dog treats and chews for your dogs to enjoy.