Smidgin the Mini-Schnauzer

Smidgin’s Profile

Smidgin was the runt of her litter, and now weighs in at only 10 pounds (small for a miniature schnauzer, so we call her the mini-mini and hence her name, which means “just a little bit”). Don’t let her size fool you though, she is big in spirit and tall on courage (at least when out adventuring). Smidgin is often the dog out in front when on hikes, leading the way and wandering off to discover new things. She’s quick on the run, and is game to try just about anything. Timid with big dogs and people at times, but once she knows you, she’s all in.

Smidgin is a quick learner and has learned how to get “human help” whenever she requires something, like to get on the big bed or her chair – even though we KNOW she can jump up on either, she will sit in front and “chirp” (she chatters rather than barks) to ask for help. Hence the nickname “The Faker”. One day she fakes needing help, then the next day you will find her curled up in her chair – having gotten there without any human assistance whatsoever. A bit of a fraud she is!

She loves doing all sorts of sports and trains actively in agility at a Master’s level. She also excels at Scent Detection and Rally Obedience. She holds a Novice Rally-O Title and a Novice Team title, in addition to her two scenting titles, Started Containers Title and Started Exterior Search Title. She also holds her Canine Good Neighbour Certification. She thinks she’d rock it in Advanced Rally-O but her little sister MilliGram is taking up much of her mother’s training time!

She loves a great meaty treat or chewy, and tests ALL the products we dehydrate. If it doesn’t pass the Smidgin test we don’t carry it. If Smidgin walks around carrying a chew, whining desperately while looking for a place to hide it from MilliGram so she can cache it for later, then we KNOW it’s a winner. She caches all the best chews, and comes back to them when MilliGram isn’t hovering over her, so she can chow down in peace and quiet and thoroughly enjoy every bite.


Smidgie, Smidge, Smidgette, Midge, Midgette, Baby Girl, Boo Boo, Little One, The Smidginator, The Faker

Favourite Activities

Doing agility, doing Rally-O, scent work, playing tug, chewing chewies, playing fetch, adventuring. When not doing sporty things she loves sleeping on the big bed, sleeping in her toy box, sleeping in general!