Smidgin and Company came about because of our little mini-Schnauzer, Smidgin, when she was only around 3 years old. We started making homemade dehydrated treats – like chicken jerky strips and lamb lung (at the time Belanger Organic Farms supplied our lamb) simply because we were raw feeding and we wanted better pricing and healthier options for her.

We dehydrated a few things here and there and tested different meats and fruits (Smidgin says “I am carnivore, give me meat – you can give the fruit to some poor starving cat!”) We used our meaty treats in our training classes and often gave it to friends and people started asking where they could get it!

Fast-forward a couple years, when Smidgin turned 6…. we added a new little puppy to our family, named MilliGram (she became the “and Company” part of Smidgin and Company). Since adding MilliGram Smidgin and Company really began making dehydrated products in ernest, and providing them to our dog friends who also trained with us. Eventually we had a great following for our treats and chews and they too became part of the “and Company” as well. Loyal clients who wanted great human-grade safe chews and treats for their dogs.

Smidgin is a delightful dog, who is cute but fierce. She is a sporty little dog, albeit not super-fast, but she gives it her best. She loves many activities but also loves to sleep.

MilliGram is a little whippersnapper, full of beans and speed. She is lean, and a running machine. Both dogs are fuelled by Smidgie Snacks – what we call our little line of dog treats & chews. And MilliGram loves both lamb and beef equally, so we devoted a line of treats just to her, Milli Mixers – where we put two flavours in one bag, like doggie trail mix!