Smidgin Finding the “Sweet Spot” on the Teeter

MilliGram is honing her agility focus face!

Smidgin Waiting Her Turn in Agility Class

MilliGram waiting ever so patiently in her crate – agility class.

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

What Next?? Smidgin In Agility

MilliGram, she’s build for speed!

Happy Birthday Milligram, that was yummy cake!

MilliGram’s birthday pool party!

Oh birthday cake, now a birthday cookie!!!!

Mommy, is that MY BIRTHDAY COOKIE, tell me when I can stop “Leaving it!”

Smidgin and her Rally-O Ribbons.

MilliGram gets her Sprinters Title with a Fourth Place Finish!

Smidgin – Yes, yes she did. Rally-O Novice and Novice Team titles – MCL no less.

Chasability qualifying run ! I NAILED IT, says MilliG

Smidgin has her Started Containers Scent Detection Title!

MilliGram’s first Sprinters runs, took home third place in both runs! She’s a natural!

Smidgin & MilliGram
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