What are TUFF TUGS made of?

All our Tuff Tugs are made of high density polar fleece. For our Furry versions we add genuine rabbit, sheepskin, sheep shearling or indian lambskin. We also have the option to have a Tuff Tug with a ball, and we exclusively use JW Hollee Roller balls. Dogs love them, and they are high quality and let you hide a treat in the tug too!

My dog's toys can get pretty dirty, are your Tuff Tugs washable?

Yes, the plain Tuff Tugs are 100% machine washable and can be dried in the dryer too (even the ones with the Hollee Roller balls on them). The Furry Tuff Tugs can be washed in the washer, but we recommend hanging to dry. To refluff the fur, just give it a quick brush….the dogs don’t seem to care if it’s fluffy or not though.

Can I custom create my own tug?

Yes, you can order a Tuff Tug and customize it, by selecting “Custom” from the colour selection from either a Tuff Tug without Fur or one of our Furry Tuff Tugs. Upon checkout there is an area for a message you can send us. Simply tell us the colours you’d like and we’ll make your Tuff Tug just for you. The Tiny and the Original size Tuff Tugs use 5 strands of fleece (so you can choose up to 5 colours) and the Titan uses 6 strands of fleece (you can choose up to 6 colours – if you choose only 3 we will use two of each colour). You can also customize by adding a ball as well.

What size of tug should I get for my dog?

Dog size is not always relative to the size of Tuff Tug you may want for your dog. Smidgin, who is a tiny mini-schnauzer at only 9.6 pounds can play with any of the three sizes. But the tea cup and tiny breeds need the Tiny Size, the original size is for small-medium sized dogs and the Titan was designed for the larger breeds, and those dogs who think they are bigger than they are (medium dogs with a big dog complex who need something a bit stronger.)

Can my "destroyer" dog destroy the Tuff Tug?

We don’t think any toy is indestructible, and certainly, since our Tuff Tugs are fleece, dogs CAN be hard on them. Here’s what we know:

  1. The tassels at the ends are knotted to prevent the dog from easily unravelling the Tuff Tug.
  2. SOME dogs (like Smidgin) LOVE to gnaw on the knots until they get the tassel off the tug. However, our Tuff Tugs without the knots do NOT unravel easily. It takes a houdini dog type to get them to unravel.

We have yet to have anyone complain that their dog chewed through the main length of the Tuff Tug. Even a customer, whose dog’s nickname is “Chainsaw” said she was surprised her pug who destroys all toys couldn’t destroy our Tuff Tug!


How can I pay for my order?

You can pay when you checkout. We accept all credit cards, and use PayPal to process your transaction.

In person using a credit card, just email us your order, and we use Square to process in-person transactions when we deliver your order. We can also accept Interac email transfer, prior to dropping off your order. In person we can also accept cash.

If you wish to pay in person, email us what you’d like (as opposed to ordering online (online expects payment online via PayPal or credit card), and how you’d like to pay, and we will arrange for delivery or pickup of your order.


Why Belanger Organic Farms for your lamb treats?

Romelda’s mother is a Belanger. Belanger Organic Farms sits on the Belanger Family homestead, and is run by her cousin Josh Belanger.  Josh’s grandfather and Romelda’s grandfather were brothers. Their parents farmed the land four generations ago. They were organic before organic was trendy or cool. We know the quality of the livestock on the farm, and we know the crops they eat are certified organic. We also want you to know where your dog’s treats are coming from. We couldn’t think of a better farm to bring you fantastic lamb treats for your dog. They are part of your family.

Do you use preservatives in Smidgie Snacks?

Smidgie Snacks contain ZERO preservatives. Dehydration allows the meat to stay shelf stable for up to a year. No refrigeration is necessary. To ensure stable moisture levels in each package, we put in a desiccant packet (it absorbs any excess moisture). Please be sure to keep the desiccant packet away from children and your dog.

What does Organically Raised mean?

Organically raised livestock means that the animals are free to graze, and eat only certified organic crops, and are antibiotic free. On the Belanger Organic Farm they eat barley, oats and peas, all grown on the farm. It also means that any animals who are sick and require antibiotics are treated and pulled from the organic, antibiotic free food chain. Belanger Organic Farms is humane to all their livestock, so if an animal is sick they will treat it, but then that animal is no longer part of their organically raised livestock and is not sold as such, and Smidgie Snacks are human grade as well, so we only get the best organically raised meat.

Are organ meats (Offal) government inspected?

Yes, the offal is highly regulated by the government inspectors. We receive our offal each week to dehydrate fresh. Some weeks we don’t always get the amount we would like, simply because the government inspector may have pulled certain parts because they didn’t like the look of it. Example, if a lamb lung has a spot on it, the inspector won’t allow it out of the plant. All our lamb is human-grade. While this impacts our supply, we appreciate that our treats are of the highest quality.

Why do your treats cost a bit more than the average bag of treats?

Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. Organically raised meats are locally grown on farms in Ontario, farms much smaller than large producers, therefore there are just not as many animals being slaughtered.
  2. It  costs more to get the offal since it is higher quality, and organically raised.
  3. Supply versus demand. Lamb heart for example, is so rich in nutrients and great for your dog and they absolutely love the heart. However, one lamb = one heart. Lamb heart is about the size of a baseball. It takes about two lamb hearts for one 40g bag of Smidgie Snacks Dehydrated Lamb Hearts. But your dog will tell you they are worth every penny!
  4. Everything we make is done by hand, with care.

Why can't I get your Smidgie Snacks shipped to the USA, when you can ship a Tuff Tug to me?

Currently, Smidgie Snacks CAN NOT be shipped outside of Canada. There are so many regulations regarding meat products being imported into other countries, that we simply can not ship outside our borders.

In fact, the USDA does NOT allow any lamb, sheep or goat meat products to be imported into the USA. We apologize for the inconvenience.