We absolutely love the Titan for our German Shepherd. She’s grown up with it and has chewed and pulled it thousands of times during our daily tugs of war. Now that she’s almost three, we’re getting a new one. It’s her number one favorite toy and a light toss for her to catch in the air. It also morphs as we sometimes attach it to other toys. An excellent non-toxic buy!

Gabrielle LoeschHappy Client

For Christmas, I bought one of the Tuff Tugs for Sophie, my family’s dog, who live in Nova Scotia. According to my father, it has moved up into Sophie’s top 2 favourite toys! She loves it!

Cindy Church
The pups love them! I have BC’s and one is a very very hard tugger so he likes to really clamp on. The previous one I had for him is still works but is starting to fall apart.  One of my friends really liked them for her pup so I will be spreading the word!
Stacey Melko

We received our Tuff Tug a few days ago. Had to hide it from the pups!!! They love it!

Rosalyn Russell

We got our Tuff Tug about a week ago, my terriers love it – it was an instant hit!  🙂

Tara McIntyre