In Memory of Molly

Written by Mommy Molly

Each one of my dogs, has come into my life, each for a different reason. These reasons are not spoken, however each dog intuitively knows why they are with me. Molly definitely knew. For ten years she focused on me. She watched over me.

Her loyalty toward me was vocalized, after having stayed at the vet. the staff would always look shocked, that this otherwise quiet dog, who is being sent home earlier than usual because she is not thriving during recovery, would suddenly scream at the top of her lungs the moment she saw me.

Molly smelled like Dairy Queen’s soft vanilla ice cream. She made baby noises just before she would fall alseep. She liked to have her paw in her mouth, when relaxing. She loved to hunt chipmunks, especially when they squeaked. She loved the splash frogs made. She adored pears…to the extent that I went through an entire training class, exclusively using pears as a reward. She was incredibly accurate with her obedience skills and always performed with pride and a regal demeanour. She did it for me. If I was smiling, Molly’s tail was wagging. From her first hike at High Park, she always understood my body language, to the point where I rarely had to speak. By watching me, she always knew which direction to go and how I was feeling.

It’s seems as though each one of my dogs has a colour. I am not sure if it is associated to a feeling. Molly’s colour was purple. She often sported some type of purple collar against her glistening dark grey fur.

And while I grieve, the colour purple is a reminder, along with the scent of vanilla soft ice cream, a splash in the water, pears, Olive’s intense eye contact and Reuben’s baby noises just before he falls asleep.

My Dear Molly Bear,

My heart will always wear the paw prints left by you.

You watched over me well. I always felt safe while walking with you. When it was dark out, you were my extra set of eyes. And when your world suddenly went dark, it was my turn to use my voice and my eyes to guide you.

You gave me all that you could and more. I miss your confident and proud presence beside me.

The summer of 2013 is over….the first summer without you.

I brought your collar on every hike and we made trips to Dairy Queen, just so I can smell the vanilla soft ice cream. Olive and I throw a rock in the water for you at every watering hole, but Olive looks for you to jump in after the splash.

The summer of 2013 was a celebration of your life.

6 months ago, you left this world and Olive is still waiting for you to come home. Every night, she waits on the sofa, the last place she saw you, her leader. Because of this, Olive is always the last to come to bed. She curls up beside me and repeats this ritual again the next night……maybe Molly will be there tomorrow night. Since that significant day on April 10th, 2013, like Olive, I also have moments of disbelief and odd rituals in your memory.

In my heart, I have three dogs: Molly, Olive, and Reuben.

You will always be a member of my pack, as you continue to influence both Olive and Reuben. Olive is now passing on to Reuben the things you taught her. You are living on in them.