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Milli Mixers


We call this great treat combo Milli Mixers! Our Quality Assurance department head (MilliGram) LOVES both the lamb and the beef and the surprise factor when training, so we put the two lung bites into one bag and mixed them up to have Milli Mixers. They are blended with 50% of each – beef and lamb.

No preservatives or additives, and all our meat is government inspected.

Dehydrated in small batches. Cut into small cubes that result in a great “ready-to-train-with” meaty treat dogs absolutely LOVE! Our careful dehydration also means that it is raw diet compliant as it is dehydrated at a low temperature for many hours.

Lamb & Beef lung are both naturally high in iron and other essential nutrients, and is a great source of lean protein.

These treats are loved and certified yummy by Smidgin and Milligram and all their sport-loving friends! They float too, so they are perfect for rewarding your pup for water entries and reducing fear around water when training.