Braided Bully Chews


In general, chews help to satisfy your dog’s chewing instincts and offer numerous health benefits.

Pizzles, or “Bully sticks” are a great option for dental health and chewing for dogs. Our Braided Bullies are two pizzles twisted together to give the chew more chewing life for your dog.

Our single-ingredient treats are made from human-grade, locally sourced beef penis. We dehydrate the braided bully sticks in small batches so they are raw-fed compliant and are easily digestible for most dogs, and they don’t splinter like some other chew treats.

They are a great source of lean protein while they help with teeth cleaning and overall dental hygiene.

For the Jumbo Braided Bullies we use the largest pizzles we have so the end product is thick as possible, because we know the big dogs want something they can sink their teeth into but will last more than 2 minutes!

Always supervise your pup/dog when they are chewing any type or chew or bone.

Available in 4 sizes
Mini (3-4″ long), Small (4-6″ long or a little longer), Large – (8-10″ long) and Jumbo (10+” Long).

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  • The Braided Bully Stick will keep your dog busy while promoting good oral health.
  • The Braided Bully sticks are easily-digestible, and last longer than the single beef pizzle
  • Braided Bully sticks come in 3 sizes to satisfy small and big dogs’ chewing desires.
  • 100% “for human consumption” government inspected Beef Penis
  • locally sourced
  • dehydrated at low temperature to remain raw-diet compliant
  • no added anything, no preservatives or additives
  • a great dental chew that encourages healthy chewing habits that won’t splinter
  • lean protein that is easily digestible
  • promotes dental health and natural cleaning of teeth and gums.
  • Excellent for teething puppies, and for medium to heavy chewers.

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