Knee Cap Chews


Smidgin and Company’s Knee Cap Chews are the “B’s knees”…well the “cow’s knees”  – B for “Beef!” as it were. Dogs and puppies LOVE these great meaty bones that will keep them busy gnawing away. They are great for good oral and dental health of your dog, and are full of healthy glucosamine and protein. They do have SOME fat, but overall, they are a great source of protein.

Due to the natural shape and meatiness of each kneecap, they come in various sizes and meatiness but are inconsistent, and do not allow for individual sizes for retail. If we know the size of your dog, we will do our best to pack the appropriate sized knee cap for your dog.

Always supervise your pup/dog when they are chewing any type or chew or bone.


  • 100% all natural
  • Locally Sourced
  • NO artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Low and slow dehydration leaves them raw-diet compliant
  • Raw-Diet Compliant
  • 100% “for human consumption”, government inspected meat
  • Knee Caps are the hard protective covering of the knee of a cow, and they make for a great meaty longer lasting chew for most dogs
  • Single ingredient chew, with no added smoke or any flavouring that can be chewed completely by dogs.

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