Tuff Tugs


All our Tuff Tugs are handmade using high quality fleece. Each tug is finished with knotted tassels and won’t unravel. They are perfect for self-isolation fun for you and your dog to play together!

Easy to wash – just throw in the washer and dryer for a clean and like new result!

Dogs love a great game of tug, and our fleece tugs have the right elasticity to be safe for dogs who are big tuggers.

Add on a tennis ball for added fun and enrichment!

Please allow us to select the colours, as each tug is unique and non-gender specific. 

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  • All our Tugs are handmade
  • They come in two sizes perfect for any sized dog.
  • The Original is best for small and medium sized dogs
  • The Titan is designed with wider strands and more strands to withstand the big dog pulling.
  • You can add on a ball, for more excitement and enrichment!

Additional information

Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm